・゚✧*・゚my name is Oni(⊙‿⊙✿)✧・゚
・゚:*i am of the age of 16 (⊙︿⊙✿)・゚:*
・゚:*✧my deviantart is ginis44123✧・゚
✧・゚super duper cosplayer (⊙ω⊙✿)
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✧* :・゚you are welcome to ask~✧・・゚:*
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April 15 2014, 9pm ...3 days ago

Waaaah, how are you doing all those neat texture looking things on your pictures, aaaaah


I got a bunch of asks about the 3D effect and texture! Im really bad at tutorials and I know there are alot of 3D effect tutorials out there but I will try my hardiest please forgive me if this is really bad haaaaaa
+ in photoshop open your image
+ duplicate the layer! dubble click on the new layer to get this box to show up
+ on blending options click “blend interior effects as group” and then unclick B and G to get a pretty blue color shown in the box on the side [you can click and unclick R G and B to make different colors but I like the blue color~]
+ then edit -> free transform! and move it a bit to the right [or left or up or down ]
you get a cool 3D effect!

+ then go back to the first original layer and duplicate it again!
+Filter -> Pixelate-> color halftone!
image + for Max. radius I usually just put in a number from 4-10! play around with it until you get a dot size you like!
+ put the layer on multiply
+ Bring down the opacity
I erase the dots around the skin so only the shadowed areas will have dots on it!
+ then I sharpen the image Filter -> sharpen -> unsharp mask
+ then your donee! you can edit it with like filters and stuff after but this effect is over yea!!

April 13 2014, 9pm ...5 days ago

//SCREAMS// I love your Sailor Aoba chibi~! Hope you can draw the other DmMd characters as sailor scouts as well <3


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